Tour to Murmansk
3 days / 2 nights


Recommended September - April

We invite you to visit the capital of the Russian Arctic and the world's largest ice-free port beyond the Arctic Circle. Murmansk is relatively new city but its history is amazing. During this tour you will visit the world's first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin". You will see 25-meter lighthouse tower that houses the Memorial to the Sailors Who Died in Peacetime. You will meet unique Sami people and you will hunt breathtaking Aurora borealis also called Northern Lights.

01 Day:

  • Take the flight from Moscow or from Saint Petersburg and in 2 hours you will land in the Kola Peninsula that leads onto the Arctic Ocean. We will drive you to the hotel for “Check in”.
  • In the afternoon you have a City tour and an excursion to the Lenin Nuclear Icebreaker, the world’s first surface ship with a nuclear reactor.

02 Day:

  • This morning we proceed to the Saami Village. This open air museum maintains the traditions of the ancient Northern people — Saami. You will learn their unique culture, fed and ride reindeer and take photos in traditional clothes.
  • In the afternoon you will try your luck hunting the Northern Lights. Also known as Aurora Boreali it is a spectacular light show created by nature. The Northern Lights start appearing in late August and can be caught till mid-April.

03 Day:

  • “Check out” from the hotel and take the flight back.

Prices are upon request.

  • How to get to Murmansk?
    The fastest and most convenient way to get to Murmansk is by plane. From both cities, there are up to 5 daily flights. Travel time from Moscow is 2.5 hours, from St. Petersburg is 1.5 hours. For those who want to see amazing landscapes on a way we recommend the train either from from Moscow (35 hours) or from St. Petersburg (24 hours). Both trains have comfortable sleeping carriages.
  • Where to stay in Murmansk?
    For our clients we recommend 4*** Azimut hotel and 3*** Hotel Meridian. Both hotels are located in the city center and offer nice rooms, free breakfast and all modern amenities for your perfect stay.
  • Is it cold in Murmansk?
    The climate of Murmansk is formed by the warm North Atlantic Current (Gulf Stream). This is the reason the weather in Murmansk is much warmer than in other cities located beyond the Arctic Circle. The winter temperatures are between -0 and -10 ° C.
faq: what else i can see in murmansk and around?

Teriberka village on the Barents Sea coast is a must-visit during any time of the year. Located on the shore of Barents Sea, 120km, three hours’ drive from Murmansk, this small village has just 617 residents and a wide selection of picturesque houses that could serve as art objects or as a set for horror films.

During the tour of the village, you will stop at several locations, such as a wooden ship's “cemetery”, which is older than 100 years and started from Imperial times. Then, head to the Arctic Ocean coast for the weird and wonderful photos of frozen rocks and tundra against the Barents Sea, and a magnificent waterfall that flows into the Arctic Ocean. The way to Teriberka from Murmansk lies through the tundra. Its views do not leave anyone indifferent and are definitely worth a photo stop.

An important thing☝: the road to Teriberka can be closed due to weather conditions. Better not to plan your trip to Teriberka on the last day of your trip to have an opportunity to shift it to another day.

Snow Village is a must-see for families with children; however, it is interesting for adult travelers, too. This unique project started in 2008 and it is now a big art complex made of snow and ice. The Snow Village looks like a cave with multiple rooms; each room made in its own style with sculptures and carvings of snow and ice. The most peculiar thing about it is that it is totally made by human hands without any artificial materials. Note☝: Snow Village operates only from 25th of December until the end of April.

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