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If you want to see another Russia. If you want to see the city in which Christianity and Islam peacefully coexisted for many centuries, then you must see Kazan. Because of the historical significance of Kazan in the history of Russia - it is often called the third capital.
During the tour to Kazan you will see the Kazan Kremlin, you will go to the ancient Bolgar, you will walk along the old streets and Volga river and you will try delights of the Tatar cuisine.

01 Day:

  • Arrival in Kazan. Private transfer to the hotel. Check In.
  • Your guide will take you to a nice stroll through 2000 years of history of this amazing city. Your will admire the beauty of the Kazan Kremlin, an UNESCO World Heritage site. Built as a fortress over 1,000 years ago it is still towering over the city. You will see the Peter and Paul Cathedral, Azimovskaya and Marddjan mosques, Freedom Square, Lake Kaban, Kazanskii Posad, and the University. Vladimir Lenin was a student here☝.
  • In the evening take walk down Bauman Street, known as Kazan’s ‘Arbat’, and feel the atmosphere of spicy mix of East and West. Have a dinner in in the restaurants here and try delights of the local Tatar cuisine.

02 Day:

  • Today we are going to have 130 km drive to visit Bolghar, the region’s ancient capital.
  • The town was the capital of of Volga-Bulgaria in the mid centuries and also once the capital the Golden Horde. Bolghar is home to a stunning white stone mosque????. It houses the world’s largest Quran, which has been encrusted with jade, silver, and gold. Muslims who could not make the pilgrimage to the Mecca, travelled to Bolghar instead. It is the best place to get a real feel of Tatar culture and antiquity.
  • If possible catch a match at the Kazan Arena Stadium????in the evening. The Kazan Arena is a state of the art. It has a capacity of 45,000 people, and during the 2018 world cup it hosted several games, including a quarter-final..

03 Day:

  • Today we will take you to the island town of Sviyazhsk (60 km). It has been built in 1551 by Ivan the Terrible's troops in only 4 weeks. The historical and architectural complex of Sviyazhsk includes monasteries, cathedrals, churches and a bell tower. After visiting the sights, we will find a spot with a stunning view and will have a picnic while looking across the surrounding expanse of water. We are coming back to Kazan by boat along Volga, the longest river in Europe.
  • In the evening we recommend to book tickets to the Kazan Theater of Opera and Ballet to enjoy the world class music and dance.

04 Day:

  • Breakfast at hotel. Check-out.
  • In the morning you may visit Kazan Central Market that gives you a good idea of the atmosphere of the real Tatar bazar. Grab some souvenirs and take your transfer to the airport to fly back.
  • Private transfer to the Airport.

Prices are upon request.

  • How to get to Kazan?
    The distance between Moscow and Kazan is 812 km, between Saint Petersburg and Kazan it is 1200 km. You can take a flight. It takes 1,5 hours from Moscow and just a bit over 2 hours from Saint Petersburg. Another option is to book overnight train (13 hours) from Moscow. There is the train from Saint Petersburg too, but the journey will be over 22 hours. All trains are very comfortable with air condition and all services on board.
  • Where to stay in Kazan?
    Kazan is very popular tourist destination. There are plenty of hotels in Kazan at any test and budget. For our guests we recommend Courtyard by Marriott Kazan Kremlin 4*. It is located just few steps to the Kremlin and offers 150 airy comfortable rooms that meet high hospitality standards of Marriott.
  • What to eat in Kazan?
    1. Echpochmak, this triangular pie is the king of Tatar pastries. As a rule, they use beef or poultry meat (duck or goose) as a filling mixed with potatoes and onions.
    2. Kystyby, a fried flatbread stuffed with mashed potatoes.
    3. Tatar horse meat. This dish came from ancient times. Tatars were nomads and they used to fry or stew horse meat during camps.
    4. Tutyrma, a homemade sausage that can be made from both lamb and veal. It is served hot along with a side dish or fresh vegetables.
    5. Chak-chak made from pieces of dough fried in sunflower oil and covered with honey. This is the main wedding dish and delicacy that guests are greeted with.
faq: what are "must see" places in kazan?

Kazan Kremlin

This is not just a historical object of cultural heritage, but a museum-reserve, the only center of Tatar culture and traditions on the planet.

The Kazan Kremlin has been perfectly preserved, retaining its unique features and appearance. This Tatar fortress is located in the very center of Kazan, so you will definitely not pass by.

Kul Sharif Mosque in Kazan

According to legend, after Russian troops took Kazan in the 16th century, the mosque was burned to the ground, and Kul Sharif himself, a warrior and prophet of Muhammad, was killed. However, the outlines of that mosque remained, which simply amazed the conquerors. As a result, Ivan the Terrible repeated them in the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed. The mosque in Kazan was re-built and reopened in 2005 and has now become a decoration of the city center..

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